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Here are a few examples of questions we can answer.

Do they sound familiar?

  • Where do emerging opportunities exist for your brand and how can it stand out?
  • What should you charge for your products and services, and how does it align with consumer expectations?
  • How do you retain and attract more customers, and what will make them stay?
  • How can your brand keep up with consumers’ changing behaviors & attitudes?
  • What does your brand’s communications say to your target audience, and do these communications break through the clutter?
  • Where do your brand’s values and offerings attract and detract from the marketplace?

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Elevate Your Brand
With A Live Well Focus

Elevate your brand with a Live Well focus

The term Live Well takes on different tones. Generally, it refers to a lifestyle that prioritizes quality, balance, and fulfillment. For a business that wants to communicate this, it can mean promoting products or services that contribute to this lifestyle in some way. Whether it’s providing a sense of luxury, promoting self-care, or fostering a sense of community, a living well brand focus resonates with consumers today, more than ever before.

Once we have a clear understanding of what Live Well means to consumers, we work with brands using extensive research methods to measure how well they align with these values where new product opportunities exist.

This includes tracking metrics for a brand study such as brand awareness, product usage, and purchase intent.

Unlock the potential of Live Wellcentered market research for your brand

Unlock the potential of Live Wellcentered market research for your brand

Our approach to Live Wellcentered market research begins with an understanding of what living well means to different consumers and how it relates to different brands’ products and services.

Companies hire us to conduct surveys, focus groups, and other forms of quantitative and qualitative research to gather data on consumer attitudes and behaviors related to living well.

We Are Specialists And Passionate About
Living Well Market Research Insights

We are specialists and passionate about Live Well market research insights

Are there opportunities for your brand in the
Live Well space?

We can help you find out!

We use the insights we gather to help brands communicate their alignment with Live Well™ values in a way that resonates with consumers.

This allows brands to create an emotional connection informing their messaging and positioning, highlighting the benefits of their products or services.

What our clients say about us

The Olinger Group has been an essential partner in increasing both the quality and quantity of Voice of Customer research for our company. As a small research team, we used to struggle to meet all the VOC needs of our internal clients. By partnering with The Olinger Group, we have been able expand our research capabilities without having to add more FTEs. I highly recommend The Olinger Group as their client service is outstanding; they always exceed expectations; and their research reports are always clear, concise yet thorough, as well as polished & professional.

Anonymous, Sr. Business Data Analyst | Worldwide Equipment Manufacturer

We have been using the Olinger Group to help us understand the needs of our consumer base.  Specifically, we have been testing new marketing concepts, new capabilities and keeping our pulse on factors impacting our customers.  I find the Olinger process to be logical and efficient in the creation of the studies but also very flexible during the actual focus groups.

Jason Tinurelli, Chief Marketing Officer | Genesis Financial Solutions

If you’re looking to get smart, fast The Olinger Group can help! They turn research insights into actionable ideas to help make more informed business decisions.

Christine Albert, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer | LCMC Health

We really appreciate The Olinger Group’s support and hard work on a recent ethnography projects. We have learned so much from this study, and we were able to understand the differences between Gen Z & Young Millennial customers. We will initiate more strategic work around these insightful findings.    Thanks again for being a great partner!

Annika Yan, Insights | Luxury Retail Client

Jude and his terrific team have contributed greatly to our client’s success. Obtaining valid and actionable insights into future museum visitor interests and needs given the unique experiences to be offered in a groundbreaking new museum is challenging — but indispensable. The Olinger Group has the tools, expertise and audience insights to provide the needed research and audience insights. The Olinger Group is a true partner from project scoping through explaining results. And, they are a great group of people to work with!

Robert Brais, Vice President | ConsultEcon, Inc.
NAR has worked with The Olinger Group since 2003 on everything from surveys involving complicated regressions to small IDI projects and several combinations in between. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure that the final product is on-time, well-crafted, and cogent. Their approach to complex projects is always thoughtful and creative, and staff are always responsive and quick with updates throughout the project so that there are no surprises at the end. We are continually delighted to work with them.
Lisa Herceg, Director, Business Insights | National Association of REALTORS(R)

I love working with  everyone at The Olinger Group! You are all pros at what you do, and it makes doing my job that much easier.

Anonymous, Market Research Manager | Healthcare Provider

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