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2022 US Luxury
Traveler Study

Rafts overlooking mountains in tropical hotel

Read the 2022 Luxury Traveler Study for insights on the luxury travelers of today: who they are, how they think and what moves them.


Presentation Highlights of the
2022 Luxury Traveler Market Study

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This summer, attendees of the Luxury Travel Advisor’s ULTRA Summit in Palm Beach were treated to a presentation of key findings from The U.S. Luxury Traveler Study 2022, conducted by The Olinger Group. If you couldn’t make the summit, let us sum it up for you. Download our free eBook for insights on the luxury travelers of today: who they are, how they think and what moves them.


Who Are Your
Luxury Travelers In 2022?

woman sitting on white wall overlooking hotel resort in greece

Luxury travel is roaring back, so we asked travelers where & how they plan on spending their money this year.

Download our free whitepaper to get exclusive market insights on luxury travelers, their sentiments, & their favorite brands.


Meet The Millennials:
The New Luxury Travelers

millennial couple on yacht overlooking sunset

What kind of travel experiences do Millennials want?

Do they want VIP treatment? Tour groups? A resort experience?

Download our free whitepaper to get exclusive market insights on the wants and expectations of Millennial travelers in 2022.


The Future Of Luxury Cruising:
The View From Our Stateroom

woman overlooking a cruise ship wearing a hat and backpack

If cruise lines want to bring luxury travelers back, they need to understand what drives consumer interest. We just released a free report outlining what cruise brands need to provide and offer to take advantage of 2022’s renewed traveler demand.

Download our free whitepaper to learn what luxury travelers are looking for in a cruise and how to get them back on a ship for their next vacation.


Understanding Player Churn:
A Luxury Brand Casino Case Study

las vegas strip at night with lots of lights on at hotels

Forget Luck. It takes knowledge to win.

Some casinos experience customer or player churn up to 90%. Still, most do little or nothing about it. Instead, they choose to pay the high costs to constantly acquire new players.

This free ebook from The Olinger Group was designed to give casino marketers insights into how to recruit new players while retaining your existing ones.


Health & Wellness

Healthcare Insights You
Should Know In 2022

six people in a row sitting while meditating

New Study: 2022 Healthcare Market Research.

Download our free whitepaper and learn what the average American consumer wants from a health product brand when it comes to self-care.


7 Key Insights in 2022
for the Food & Grocery Industry

man and woman food shopping at dairy section

Give your health food brand an edge with our invaluable market research on the wellness purchasing habits of American consumers.

Download our free whitepaper and learn how they are shopping and what matters to them when it comes to healthy foods.


What Health and Wellness Shoppers
Are Looking For In Brands

man and woman wearing smart watches while jogging on a boardwalk

Do your wellness products fit in America’s health-conscious consumer market?

Download our free whitepaper and learn how American consumers health & wellness preferences affect where they shop & who they trust.