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Jude Olinger

Founder and CEO

Jude combined his fascination with people, business, and empirical data to establish The Olinger Group and to propel the market research industry forward.

A people person at heart, Jude has never met a stranger. He thrives on making connections and is excited by big ideas and new information. His energy and effortless networking make him a natural at moderating, and he has moderated more than 1,000 focus groups in a variety of settings and industries.

Starting his career more than 30 years ago as a part-time research interviewer, Jude quickly and methodically embraced the industry. He launched The Olinger Group as a full-service, custom research firm in 1994, and then transitioned it to specialize in the

Health & Wellness Insights, Luxury Brands Insights, and Luxury Travel Insights.

Jude is always looking ahead, and he enjoys leading The Olinger Group with new ideas and strategic thinking.

While serving as the Board Chair of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), Jude engineered the merger of CASRO and the Marketing Research Association (MRA) into the newly created Insights Association (IA) in 2017. He continued to serve on the IA board for five years. He is also active in Entrepreneurs Organization, serving on numerous boards and committees.

Jude lives in New Orleans with his wife and daughter. A New Orleanian through-and-through, Jude loves sharing the city’s culture with others. With a personality that seems larger than life, Jude drives a restored vintage Austin Healey and is often the first to make a toast, dance down the hallway, or lead the parade…literally!

Chanttel Allen Profile Picture

Chanttel Allen

Managing Director

Chanttel is the team “glue,” a.k.a. The Olinger Group’s Managing Director and Integrator. She presents with a big smile and a ready laugh, but she drives with a razor-sharp business mind and a strong vision.

Since joining The Olinger Group more than 20 years ago, Chanttel has focused on developing a strong team and a collaborative work environment where everyone is encouraged to embrace “figure-out-ability.”

She also leads by example and is helping the company successfully navigate radical industry changes as new technology and methods are adapted to market research. For example, Chanttel is the driving force behind The Olinger Group’s ISO 27001 certification, which helps ensure data security for both The Olinger Group and its clients.

And if that weren’t enough, Chanttel is also skilled at zeroing in on what’s important to people. She is a certified Insights Professional and a Burke-trained moderator who specializes in in-depth interviews. She has served as President of the Atlanta SE Chapter of the MRA (now Insights Association) and on numerous IA Chapter Liaison committees.

Along with her family, Chanttel loves to travel, drink wine, and jam to good music. She is fluent in American Sign Language and volunteers in the local deaf community. And while Chanttel loves to laugh, she cannot tell a joke to save her life!

Megan Scott Profile Picture

Meg Scott

Manager, Product Management

Like everyone on our team, Meg wears a lot of hats. Her official title is Manager, Project Management, but she also serves as The Olinger Group’s unofficial cruise director and voice of reason. In each role, she supports and champions others, helping everyone involved achieve the best possible outcome.

Meg oversees our quantitative and qualitative projects from beginning to end, serving as a day-to-day liaison between our clients and the The Olinger Group’s Research Team. She joined us in 2008 and worked exclusively on the Healthcare Project Team for several years, where she gained extensive experience in handling sensitive data and ensuring HIPAA compliance. That experience, coupled with her desire to learn, enables Meg to form a true partnership with our clients.

Internally, Meg is committed to recognizing individuals and celebrating their strengths and contributions. She instinctively views all projects, discussions, and possibilities from a broad lens, often asking team members how, or even if, something fits into the big picture. Meg’s focus on people and goals helps our clients figure out custom solutions with the best possible outcomes. Go Meg!

While she thoroughly enjoys her role in transforming data into compelling stories and mindshare, Meg’s true love is her family. She enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and playing endless games of hide-and-seek with her son.

Josh Logan Profile Picture

Josh Logan

Sales Manager

Josh is a problem solver by nature, and the Market Research industry is his playground. He has been with The Olinger Group since 2012 because it gives him the perfect opportunity to collaborate with business professionals, develop creative solutions to challenging issues, and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives and work.

As The Olinger Group’s Sales Manager, Josh is committed to helping companies achieve their goals. He places a strong emphasis on partnerships and collaborations, preferring conversations and “real talk” to sales pitches and canned solutions. For Josh, it all boils down to respect. “You respect other people, learn about them, learn what will be impactful, and execute on it.” And he does it all with a smile and quick laugh.

Josh has always been interested in business, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Professional Services, from the University of South Alabama.

Outside of work, Josh loves spending time with his wife and daughter, and hanging out with friends. He is an avid soccer fan and player, and he loves to travel almost as much as he likes exploring the culinary and music scenes of New Orleans.

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