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You get the best insights with the right approach and the right questions.

Our focus is on strategic consulting with the desired outcome in mind. From the start, we will work with you to uncover your objectives, formulate a research design plan, and administer the approach that will yield the insights you seek.

Our market research “A-Team” includes:

  • Methodologists and expert analysts who understand how best to analyze and interpret data into strategic insights

  • Qualitative moderators are able to pull themes into a story to answer “the why” to your objectives via interviews and observation

  • Dedicated project managers ready to pull all the resources together to succeed and deliver

Product & Service Optimization

Questions You Might Ask

What are the most important features in offerings?

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What is the optimal combination of product/service features and pricing?

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What product offering maximizes penetration and sales revenue?

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What We Do

Build and price your product or service to
maximize value for customers and prospects

Prioritize varieties, features,
benefits, messages, or claims

Find the best combination of
flavors, items, or benefits

Identify the product concept that maximizes both
sales revenue and market penetration

Our Toolbox
  • Discrete Choice/Conjoint
  • MaxDiff Analysis
  • TURF Analysis

  • Multi-Objective Optimization

Research. Rethink. Regroup.
With The Olinger Group