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The Olinger Group’s Report Highlights a Flourishing Travel Boom and Evolving Luxury Traveler Preferences

August 31, 2023

As the world adapts to changing circumstances, the luxury travel sector is experiencing a remarkable resurgence.  , a comprehensive study conducted by The Olinger Group, has shed light on the evolving preferences and behaviors of affluent travelers with a household income of $100,000 or more. The findings paint a vivid picture of the ongoing travel boom and unveil exciting insights into the world of luxury travel.

Sustained Growth in Travel Spend

The 2023 Travel Trends Report leaves no room for doubt – the travel industry is still booming, with luxury travelers leading the charge. A staggering 20% increase in travel spend is projected among affluent travelers. This upswing signifies a collective desire to explore the world and create unforgettable experiences. Despite uncertainties, these consumers are demonstrating an unshakable commitment to investing in travel.

Luxury Travelers’ Expanding Horizons

Luxury travelers are on the move like never before. Not only are they embarking on more vacations, but they’re also spending more on each trip. The report highlights the shift from accumulating possessions to accumulating memories, as affluent individuals seek out enriching experiences that resonate on a personal level.

Rising Dependence on Travel Advisors

One of the standout revelations from the report is the growing reliance on travel advisors. In the next two years, a significant majority of luxury travelers are expected to engage the services of travel advisors. This trend underscores the desire for curated, seamless travel experiences that cater to individual preferences, thereby enhancing the overall travel journey.

Accommodation Preferences: Hotels and Resorts on the Rise

While sharing economy accommodations like VRBO and Airbnb once held sway, the 2023 Travel Trends Report suggests a decline in their popularity among luxury travelers. Hotels and resorts are regaining their allure, promising a blend of opulence and comfort that aligns with the expectations of discerning travelers. This shift reflects a renewed appreciation for the services and exclusivity offered by traditional luxury accommodations.

Fine Dining and Entertainment Make a Comeback on Cruises

Cruising is experiencing a renaissance in the luxury travel sector. The report highlights a renewed interest in fine dining and entertainment options on cruise ships. Luxury travelers are seeking elevated culinary experiences and world-class entertainment that align with their refined tastes. As cruise lines respond to this demand, travelers can anticipate a convergence of comfort, entertainment, and indulgence on the high seas.


The insights gleaned from The Olinger Group’s 2023 Travel Trends Report are both encouraging and enlightening. Luxury travelers are not just driving the travel boom; they’re also redefining the standards of travel experiences. The inclination toward increased spending, enriched travel experiences, and a preference for expert guidance suggests a bright future for the luxury travel industry.

As the world navigates its way through changing landscapes, one thing remains clear: the desire to explore, experience, and embrace the wonders of the world is an innate part of the human spirit. The 2023 Travel Trends Report underscores the resilience of the travel industry and the unwavering passion of luxury travelers to create memories that last a lifetime