Satisfaction Studies

When satisfaction studies make sense

Dissatisfied customers, employees, organization members, clients, etc. don’t stay dissatisfied long…they leave.  Determining whether your customers, employees, members or patients are satisfied and what they are satisfied with will allow a company or brand to strengthen itself from the core and prevent defection.  Dissatisfaction can be corrected only if accurately assessed and understood.

How satisfaction studies work

The Olinger Group’s satisfaction studies are designed to do just that – producing accurate assessments of satisfaction and identifying the most important drivers of satisfaction.  Armed with this information, decision makers are in an excellent position to develop and execute efficient and effective satisfaction improvement/maintenance strategies.

Included in satisfaction studies are:

  • Brand Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Problem Detection/Dissatisfaction
  • Product Satisfaction
  • Psychological/Motivational Research