Market Segmentation/Positioning

When market segmentation/positioning studies make sense

Segmentation studies work to make your marketing efforts both more efficient and more effective. They enable you to get your message to the most interested segments with messages that speak to the needs of each interested segment.

Positioning studies enable you to view the market as your customers see it. You will be able to determine what the market thinks about you and your competitors as well as what needs are and are not currently being met. This useful and practical information becomes even more powerful when the brand perceptions of individual market segments are explored.

How market segmentation/positioning studies work

Market segmentation studies identify segments in your market that are formed around similar attitudes, preferences and/or demographic characteristics.  It is entirely likely that such segments differ in their level of interest in your product or service, and even if they share interest, they are likely motivated by different messages.

Included in market segmentation/positioning studies are:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Branding/Identity Testing
  • Concept Positioning