Concept Testing

When concept testing studies make sense

Are you rolling out a new product or service and want to understand how to refine the concept(s)? Do you need to know which concept has the most value/interest in the market? Concept Testing studies can help to understand whether your concepts are winning ideas, aren’t worth exploring further, or need additional refinement. It can be utilized in the new product development process and/or for evaluating more fully developed products and services.

How concept testing studies work

Concept Testing studies can be conducted through qualitative or quantitative methods and seek to understand how concepts will be received in the market, ultimately determining products and services that are ripe for further development and/or market entry. Concepts can be tested in isolation or against other concepts. Online research tools such as text highlighting, heat mapping, and blocking exercises can be incorporated into studies to give fine detail around what respondents like and dislike. Companies can expect to discover how consumers and/or customers feel about the concept(s), as well as the strength of the concept(s). Furthermore, a variety of concept attributes can be explored such as fit with brand and soft attribute associations with the concept(s).
Included in Concept Testing studies are:

  • Concept Exploration
  • Agile Qualitative Concept Testing
  • Monadic Concept Testing
  • Sequential Monadic Concept Testing
  • Comparative Concept Testing
  • Proto-Monadic Concept Testing