Ad awareness/Ad testing

When ad awareness/ad testing studies make sense

Two things are true about advertising – advertising costs money, and advertising doesn’t always work. The key is knowing if they will work. The Olinger Group has the tools to answer the questions that you have about your ads.

How ad awareness/ad testing studies work

The Olinger Group can enter the process at any point from ad creation and content development to evaluating ad outcomes.  A variety of methods are available to answer your most pressing questions including:

  • Does my ad communicate the information and ideas that I want it to?  Advertising communication checks conducted using in-depth interviewers, focus groups or online survey allow you to present your ads to real consumers and find out whether what they see and hear is what you want them to see and hear.
  • Where is the best place to advertise my product? Media usage studies conducted via survey let you find out what TV shows your customers watch, what magazines they read and what radio stations they listen to (and when) so that you can know the most efficient and effective means to get your message to your customers.
  • Did anybody see my ad? Do they remember anything about it? Big money spent on ads that nobody sees and/or nobody remembers generally doesn’t fall into the “best practices” category. Survey based awareness tests measuring both ad awareness and content retention (including over-time tracking studies) are what you need to answer these critical questions.

These are just a few of the questions about your advertising that The Olinger Group stands ready to answer for you and your company.