The Olinger Group seeks to help clients answer their business questions, resolve challenges, and anticipate and explore opportunities. No matter what your needs, The Olinger Group will get you the information and interpretation that makes it possible for you to “get smart” and stay ahead of the competition.

We offer an array of services for all different types of businesses. Our solutions are customized to each individual client.  The following services can be adapted to reflect the situation of your business. Because primary research does not change based on the vertical industry or the target population, our services can be applied to business-to-business or business-to-consumer relationships. Many services can be combined to create a more complete research approach.

Satisfaction Studies

Dissatisfied customers, employees, organization members, clients, etc. don’t stay dissatisfied long…they leave. Determining whether your customers, employees, members or patients are satisfied and what they are satisfied with will allow a company or brand to strengthen itself from the core and prevent defection.

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Loyalty and Retention Studies

Are your repeat customers happy with the products and services you provide? How likely are customers to switch products or services if an alternative is available? Most businesses depend on cultivating a loyal customer base.

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Brand Equity Studies

Brand strength is critical; a strong brand drives repeat purchasing, makes expanding your business into new services and product lines easier, and successfully demands a higher price.

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Pricing and Price Sensitivity

How much do customers expect to pay for your product or service, and at what point does price become a barrier to product interest? These are questions that demand answers in the competitive marketplace that you find yourself in.

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Attitude, Image, and Usage (AIU) Studies

If you have been doing business for a while, for better or worse, consumers make associations with your company, brand or product. Your product might be associated with terms like high-end and trendy or cheap and obsolete…any number of other attitudinal and image factors.

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Modeling and Predictive Research

Modeling and predictive research is used to forecast trends and predict behaviors such as attentiveness, actual consumption, and/or satisfaction to uncover the right product, price, or concept when it is not possible or practical to measure actual reactions in real time. This research is especially useful for product/service optimization, pricing strategy, demand forecasting for new products, market segmentation, and understanding competitive markets.

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Market Segmentation/Positioning

Segmentation studies work to make your marketing efforts both more efficient and more effective. They enable you to get your message to the most interested segments with messages that speak to the needs of each interested segment.

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Tracking Studies

A tracking study is a type of study design that involves taking multiple measurements over time and is essential if you are to accurately gauge the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, satisfaction/loyalty improvement programs, efforts to build brand awareness and any other action that you might take.

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Concept Testing

Also known as “ideation studies,” idea generation is a form of qualitative study whose purpose is to develop relevant ideas and concepts useful to understanding the innovative new thing you are doing.

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Quality of Life Studies

As the name indicates, quality of life studies allow you to assess general life quality or more narrowly defined life quality issues and, combined with a tracking design can be very useful in evaluating actions designed to improve life quality.

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Voice of the Customer

In order to better understand customers, there needs to be a clear read on what they are thinking to effectively address their preferences and desires. Voice of the customer research is less a specific type of study than it is an approach to research.

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Ad awareness/Ad testing

Two things are true about advertising – advertising costs money, and advertising doesn’t always work. The key is knowing if they will work. The Olinger Group has the tools to answer the questions that you have about your ads.

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Shopper Insights

Knowing more about your customer base, their purchase behavior, and their overall satisfaction with the shopping experience can help direct marketing efforts, track changes at the store-level, and better inform sales.

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