Tablet Intercept Interviews


Explore opportunities with a unique data collection method

Intercept interviews using tablet devices capitalize on the opportunity to interview people in close proximity to their experiences.   Reducing time between fielding and reporting results is another positive benefit which translates into faster project turn-around time. The Olinger Group has conducted intercept research using tablet devices for some of America’s top brands and organizations.  Tell us what you need to know and we’ll take care of the rest with a tablet intercept interview project.

  • Design custom research projects
  • Execute project management and logistics
  • Conduct on-site intercept surveys using tablets nationwide
  • Provide expert analysis and reporting

the know and trust network of interviewers

We have, in the past, used interviewers from other vendors or temp agencies. What we found is that our projects did not receive the attention to detail and accountability they deserve.  We decided to change our approach for outsourcing and build our own proprietary network. It is called the Know and Trust network because it is built on relationships and the level of accountability that goes along with having a personal connection to our company. We make sure to treat our network with kid gloves, providing them with the appropriate tools and training. We expect a strong performance from them in return, and they are rated on each project they perform.

We do not outsource our network to other vendors to ensure projects are handled with the attention to detail they deserve.

Contact us to learn more about how The Olinger Group can help your business with in-person interviews. You may also view a PDF with tablet intercept Q&A or Read the USA Today Article about The Olinger Group and iPad Intercepts.

ipad interviewing in the field

the benefits of conducting intercept interviews

The Olinger Group can create a custom research plan using tablets to conduct intercept interviews at any event.

intercept interviews for healthcare research

From healthcare professionals to patients, The Olinger Group can help you find respondents that can be very hard to reach. In-person interviews using tablet devices can allow your research to reach respondents at healthcare events and conferences. Get more out of your market research budget.

tracking and monitoring in-person interviews

The Olinger Group can track and monitor all in-person market research interviews remotely, ensuring quality data. Using iPads and tablets to conduct in-person interviews, your research efforts can be actively tracked much more efficiently than when using paper and pencil surveys.