Shop Along

A close cousin to mystery shopping, the shop along is a shopping experience or exercise which can be monitored in real time by a researcher either in-person or by receiving information from smart phone surveys, hidden video cameras etc.

Participants for shop-alongs can be recruited to the experience ahead of time or via intercepts.  A discussion guide or descriptive exercise is shared and the participant monitored.  The entire interactive experience can be captured via an online survey or portal and videoed.

in-house qualitative and quantitative researchers

For this particular method, experience in both qualitative and quantitative research is often times necessary.   Through the use of data analysis methods and observational techniques, we are able to produce well-rounded, balanced study results.

the know and trust network of interviewers

We have, in the past, used interviewers from other vendors or temp agencies. What we found is that our projects did not receive the attention to detail and accountability they deserve.  We decided to change our approach for outsourcing and build our own proprietary network. It is called the Know and Trust network because it is built on relationships and the level of accountability that goes along with having a personal connection to our company. We make sure to treat our network with kid gloves, providing them with the appropriate tools and training. We expect a strong performance from them in return, and they are rated on each project they perform.

We do not outsource our network to other vendors to ensure projects are handled with the attention to detail they deserve.