Online Surveys

Today, online surveys are the standard for the vast majority of market research. They can include elements not as easily possible with other methodologies (visuals, videos, etc.). Additionally, sophisticated statistical and analytical modeling exercises, previously very difficult to administer, can now be programmed and administered online.

Best Practices

There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions for administering online surveys. The Olinger Group is not a fit for those seeking a DIY product or experience. Instead, we focus on working with clients who want expert survey researchers and project managers administering their research. We use industry-leading Sawtooth Software, for our surveying platform. Sawtooth is the only commercially available software to be able to properly conduct and analyze advanced analytic exercises (e.g. discrete choice, choice-based conjoint, menu-based conjoint, and max-diff exercises). Our surveys are programmed in-house and hosted on a dedicated server through Rackspace, an industry leader in dedicated managed hosting. We control and manage the process, not a third-party programmer.

Quick and Efficient

When conducting online surveys, we use online panels and proprietary e-mail addresses and are more efficient at contacting respondents. Online surveying is less intrusive than other modes of data collection and can be fielded in a shorter time-frame. Cost per interview (CPI) is typically lower as well. A lower CPI means the total cost of a project can be lower than other methodologies or the sample sizes and statistical power can be increased. If visuals, media, or other types of concepts need testing, an online survey is ideal.

Better Respondent Experience

Online surveys provide more engaging survey experiences, increasing response and completion rates, and surveys can be taken when it is most convenient for respondents.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Target customers, hard-to-reach audiences, specialty group participants, and professionals are most likely to be found online. They can be invited to participate through the use of online panels, customer lists, or multi-methodological recruiting to online surveys.

Optimized for Mobile and Tablet Devices

Online surveys are quickly finding their way to mobile and tablet devices. Whether designed for intercept interviewing, respondents taking a survey on a smartphone/tablet, or taken through survey applications on a mobile device, it is possible to set up online links for easy survey administration. Surveys can be monitored and adjusted in real-time.