One-on-one, in-depth interviews

In-depth Interview-cropped

In-depth interviews (IDI) are a qualitative data collection technique in which respondents are engaged in a one-on-one setting to elicit thoughtful responses. IDIs can be used for a variety of purposes, including ideation, needs assessment, issue identification, and strategic planning. In-depth interviews are most appropriate for situations in which you want to ask probing questions that incite a meaningful conversation/response designed to produce a depth of information from relatively few people (as opposed to surveys, which are conducted with larger numbers of respondents).

Because the IDIs use an open-ended, discovery-oriented method of data collection, the interviewer is allowed to deeply explore the respondent’s feelings and perspectives on a subject, which should result in rich background information that can provide contextual insights and shape further questions relevant to the topic. As a result, IDIs are often used as a precursor to quantitative research. Many times IDIs are used in place of focus groups due to either respondents belonging to a very small universe or wide geographic dispersion that makes conducting focus groups too costly and unpractical.

The Olinger Group has trained, experienced interviewers on staff who can tackle IDIs on most any subject with both consumers and professionals. In addition, we have trained recruiters on staff who are well-versed in phone and e-mail recruiting methods.