Legal Focus Groups and Mock Juries

Legal focus groups and mock juries are often used to provide an opportunity to test the approach that may be used in trial.  Direction from this type of research helps in anticipating what could matter most in a case and thus change the focus of the argument and evidence.  Other times the research reveals ways in which to refine how the case is presented, what is most palatable, and what would make the arguments more compelling to the audience.

Legal Focus Groups

Legal focus groups provide the opportunity to present the main themes and evidence of a case in an easily understood manner and cost-effective way.  Generally, focus groups can be conducted early on in the trial preparation process and used to guide discovery, help prepare witnesses, and assist in preparing for mediation and settlement discussions.  During this process, a moderator is used to present summaries and themes of the case without revealing which side of the case is using the results of the groups.  Videos of key witnesses and evidence may be shared, but the goal of legal focus groups is not to try to re-create a trial.

Mock juries

Mock juries/trials, in comparison to legal focus groups, can be designed to more closely reflect a trial.  A recruited panel is used to evaluate the case, testimony, a client or clients, desired questioning and potential cross-examination questions.  The attorney has the opportunity to test presentations and closing arguments.  Once concluded, the mock jury can deliberate and reach a verdict in the case based on the presentations and information shared.

Using The Olinger Group

The Olinger Group, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Central Business District (CBD), has been conducting market research for over 20 years.  We offer a full-service experience, while consulting and developing the study from beginning to completion.

We are experts in market research – Having completed studies in both quantitative and qualitative research for over 20 years.  We abide by the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for conducting market research and have policies and procedures for handling our research projects professionally and with confidentiality.

We have a moderator on staff and access to a moderator network for specialty groups (children, other languages, etc.).  See bio for more info.

Services Provided

Our Project Managers work closely with clients to recruit for the groups, provide regular updates, and accommodate the desired set-up and specifications of the project.  The research team and moderator provide collaborative support with the moderator’s guides, presentations, and overview of the results.   Additional profiles and surveys of the mock juries or focus group participants can be administered as well, when needed.


The Olinger Group offers recruiting and hosting for legal focus groups and mock juries/mock trials.  While we can accommodate sessions during business hours, we recommend evening hours as the best time to maximize the available pool of panelists.

Facilities Set-up and Audio/Video

The entire presentation is recorded and can be delivered via a secure, encrypted file transfer system or burned to a DVD, if desired.

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