Focus Groups

When the marketplace is a mystery and knowledge is scarce, focus groups might be the way to go.  With discussions led by expert researchers, small groups are recruited and gathered to discuss in-depth the questions that are interesting to you.

Do people understand what my advertising is trying to convey?  Has consumer experience at my retail outlets been positive or negative and why?  Just what do consumers consider when making their purchase decisions?  The number of questions that focus groups can address is nearly limitless.  Though lacking the scientific rigor of mass opinion surveys, focus groups are an invaluable source of information in exploratory situations and often are used to inform scientifically sound survey studies.

using a full-service firm and why it matters

Focus groups are very helpful in gathering anecdotal experiences.  They allow clients to see and hear these experiences directly from respondents.  However, it takes skillful researchers to decipher these experiences into research nuggets.  Having a dedicated team of project managers, researchers, and a moderator allows us to pull together multiple perspectives and talents into the entire process.

facilities set-up and audio/video

The Olinger Group can provide full-services for qualitative projects including: