Audio Telephone Surveys

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For many years, the audio telephone surveys proved to be the ideal method for survey data collection given near universal distribution of telephones and the ease of using proper sampling techniques with phone numbers. Though still useful, the advent of caller ID and to a lesser extent, widespread use of cell phones has made effective audio telephone interviewing more of a problem.

when audio telephone surveys make sense

Nevertheless, when the population to be studied is narrowly confined geographically (for example, a city or county as opposed to a state or the country as a whole) or when the population to be studied is less likely to use modern communication methods (for example, the Internet), audio telephone surveys are still the way to go. In this case, telephone sample that includes mobile phone numbers can be used to add to the demographic representation.

While consumer studies can be challenging with this method, audio telephone surveys are a viable method for studies that include the use of a client lists (including reaching professionals in business-to-business studies) and targeted groups of people that are hard to reach online.