Methods & Modes

Before your questions can be answered, data (information) must be collected, but not all data collection methods are right for all questions. The Olinger Group determines and uses the necessary and appropriate data collection method(s) for each project from the full array of industry standard methodologies.

Today, online surveys are the standard mode of data collection for the vast majority of market research. They can include elements not as easily possible with other methodologies (visuals, videos, etc.). Additionally, sophisticated statistical and analytical modeling exercises, previously very difficult to administer, can now be programmed and administered online.

Online Surveys

Today, online surveys are the standard for the vast majority of market research. They can include elements not as easily possible with other methodologies (visuals, videos, etc.). Additionally, sophisticated statistical and analytical modeling exercises, previously very difficult to administer, can now be programmed and administered online. Best Practices There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions for […]

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Tablet Intercept Interviews

Explore opportunities with a unique data collection method Intercept interviews using tablet devices capitalize on the opportunity to interview people in close proximity to their experiences.   Reducing time between fielding and reporting results is another positive benefit which translates into faster project turn-around time. The Olinger Group has conducted intercept research using tablet devices […]

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Online Panel Surveys

Online surveys offer the researcher the ability to use audio and video tools not available for audio-only telephone surveys and tend to generate greater respondent compliance than is found with the traditional telephonic survey. In addition to standard survey questions, participants can be shown TV advertisements, presented with product pictures and, in general, exposed to […]

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Mobile research

What is Mobile Research? Many clients inquire about mobile research, a term that can mean different things to different clients. The two most common descriptions that clients provide when asked to define what they mean by mobile research are: Respondents completing online surveys on mobile devices (phone and tablets) in regards to the way the […]

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Audio Telephone Surveys

For many years, the audio telephone surveys proved to be the ideal method for survey data collection given near universal distribution of telephones and the ease of using proper sampling techniques with phone numbers. Though still useful, the advent of caller ID and to a lesser extent, widespread use of cell phones has made effective […]

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Mail Surveys

The Olinger Group’s mail processing facility allows for in-house survey template designing, printing, processing, and mailing. Surveys are returned using pre-paid business reply. Returned surveys are processed through state-of-the-art scanning and verification technology using trusted industry software, ABBYY. The Olinger Group can produce high-volume survey distribution and process millions of paper surveys per year. Specialized […]

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Video Diaries

A video diary is a consumer-driven, qualitative technique that allows the respondent to share what they are doing and/or thinking in a real-time environment.  Video diary participants record their own feelings and experiences using a webcam on a desktop or laptop, a smartphone or tablet video camera, or some other type of digital audio/video recording […]

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Shop Along

A close cousin to mystery shopping, the shop along is a shopping experience or exercise which can be monitored in real time by a researcher either in-person or by receiving information from smart phone surveys, hidden video cameras etc. Participants for shop-alongs can be recruited to the experience ahead of time or via intercepts.  A […]

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Ethnographic research, conceived by sociologists and cultural anthropologists, is a qualitative, observational technique that studies people in their natural environment (i.e., where they live and work).  Closely observing people where they live and work allows companies to zero in on customers’ unarticulated desires. Ethnographies are focused on creating a better understanding of the customer – […]

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Mystery shopping

What do your customers experience when they visit your place of business – especially when you aren’t there? Mystery shopping provides the answer by sending specially trained “undercover customers” into your place of business to make observations and witness first hand the customer experience. The information generated is invaluable, and companies often use these programs as […]

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One-on-one, in-depth interviews

In-depth interviews (IDI) are a qualitative data collection technique in which respondents are engaged in a one-on-one setting to elicit thoughtful responses. IDIs can be used for a variety of purposes, including ideation, needs assessment, issue identification, and strategic planning. In-depth interviews are most appropriate for situations in which you want to ask probing questions that […]

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Focus Groups

When the marketplace is a mystery and knowledge is scarce, focus groups might be the way to go.  With discussions led by expert researchers, small groups are recruited and gathered to discuss in-depth the questions that are interesting to you. Do people understand what my advertising is trying to convey?  Has consumer experience at my […]

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The Olinger Group offers recruiting for quantitative and qualitative studies via in-person intercepts invitations, telephone (using client-provided lists), telephone-to-web, and social media campaigns. Facilities Set-up and Audio/Video The Olinger Group can provide full-services for qualitative projects including: Focus Group set-up – Facilities Description.  Styles for Room Set-up. Audio/Video (includes recordings of the sessions) Hosting Moderating

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