Methods & Modes

Before your questions can be answered, data (information) must be collected, but not all data collection methods are right for all questions. The Olinger Group determines and uses the necessary and appropriate data collection method(s) for each project from the full array of industry standard methodologies. Today, online surveys are the standard mode of data […]

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Types of Methods and Modes


The Olinger Group seeks to help clients answer their business questions, resolve challenges, and anticipate and explore opportunities. No matter what your needs, The Olinger Group will get you the information and interpretation that makes it possible for you to “get smart” and stay ahead of the competition

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Types of Studies

Specialty Audiences

The Olinger Group’s project management and research teams specialize in engaging hard-to-reach populations of both consumers and professionals for market research.

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The Olinger Group’s moderating capability means we keep projects in-house with one point-of-contact.  This is especially beneficial when executing multi-mode projects that need the expertise of both a quantitative and qualitative researcher. We recognize that the role of the moderator is vital to the success of the study.  By using our in-house moderator, who does […]

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