Telecommunications and Technology

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping the current economic state in mind, customer satisfaction is more important now than ever before.  Consumers are not willing to spend their money on a product or service they are unsatisfied with, especially one that requires a monthly commitment like that in the telecommunications industry. Therefore, it is essential to provide consumers with exceptional service in order to keep their business. So, how does one know if their customers are truly satisfied? A customer satisfaction survey is the way to find out. We have in-depth knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently execute customer satisfaction studies that not only determine satisfaction, but also unveil explicitly how customers feel. With this detailed information, companies can tailor their offerings to meet and surpass consumers’ needs in order to ensure that they are satisfied.

Advertising Effectiveness / Awareness

In order to reach consumers, it is essential that the advertising campaign being implemented is effective.  It can be extremely difficult to formulate advertisements that consumers respond to.  This is where market research can help.  By testing the current advertising campaign or testing a new concept in order to determine its success once it hits the marketplace, companies gain a better understanding of their marketing strategy and what will and will not resonate with consumers.


How consumers view the use of a product or service varies depending on the individual. It is necessary that companies determine how “improvements” can be made without risking upsetting current customers. In some instances, it can be difficult to optimize the usage and practicality of a product or service without knowing what consumers think about it.  Getting inside the customer’s mind can prove to be a tremendous competitive advantage. Knowing their attitude, behavior, and perception of an organization’s offerings or products can be extremely beneficial.

Major Clients in this Industry

Cox Communications, Eatel, Gemalto, Capgemini, Nortel Networks, Dynamic Graphics, Bresnan Communications

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Services/Offerings Optimization, Market Feasibility, Target Market and Market Size,  Awareness/Image/Usage, Advertising Effectiveness, Advertising/Messaging, Brand Perception/Loyalty, Customer Defection, Business-to-Business Research, Consumer Research, Tablet Intercepts, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Research, Focus Groups, and In-depth Interviews