In retail, anticipating what customers want to buy is critical. Shopper insights plays an important role in uncovering what customers want, their willingness to pay, and how to keep them loyal to your brand.

In-Person Interviews/Intercepts/Mobile or In-Person Shop-Alongs – Using Tablets

In-person interviewing/intercepting is not a new methodology, by any means. However, The Olinger Group pioneered (We were the first to do it!) the use of in-person interviewing/intercepting using tablet devices. This new technology has attracted many in retail to return to in-person interviewing/intercepts as a viable, manageable method for capturing customer feedback very close to the point-of-sale.  USA Today Article about The Olinger Group and iPad Intercepts

Respondents can easily view the questions and answer choices, allowing for greater comprehension and faster completion times. All the while encrypted data is streamed wirelessly to The Olinger Group’s servers. Learn more about tablet intercepting.

Clients that use The Olinger Group for this methodology not only appreciate the many positives from using this technology, but also the experience. From the complex logistics and planning required for fielding these types of projects to the professionalism of our interviewers, we deliver.

Multi-mode Approach

Many research questions require multiple phases and modes/methods to reach their objectives. Having a one stop shop for all the modes not only keeps the project consistent, but results can be referenced from one project to the next. Whether conducting focus groups, intercepts, a market study, etc., our project managers and researchers have the experience and know-how to execute on the research plan.

Mystery Shoppers

Customer service is a defining factor in the shopping experience. Mystery shoppers can help test your employees, facilities, and service quality levels. Our mystery shoppers can visit your stores or attractions to measure key service indicators. Their detailed reports will uncover if individual locations are living up to your brand’s reputation and standards, and they can also identify strengths and weaknesses in processes or personnel.

Major Clients in this Industry

General Growth Properties (Retail/Malls), Family Dollar, Nestle, Kohl’s, Simon Properties (Retail/Malls), Foot Locker, Energizer, Casa Di Bertacchi, Vista Products

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Ad Recall, Renovation Research, Customer Satisfaction, Purchasing/Shopping Behavioral Studies, Promotional Events/Products Testing, Brand Perception/Brand Loyalty, Advertising/Campaign Awareness, Recall, and Effectiveness, Services/Offerings Optimization, Concept Testing, New Product Testing, Services/Offerings Feasibility, Market Studies (Target Market/Market Size), On-site Interviews/Intercepts, Mystery Shopping Focus Groups, Multi-cultural Research, In-depth Interviews, Shop-Along research (mobile or in-person)