Hospitality, Travel, and Meeting Planning

In the travel and leisure industries, customer preferences are ever-changing. The Olinger Group has extensive experience helping travel and leisure companies research what their customers want, and how to deliver it to them.

From panels featuring industry experts to customer loyalty program monitoring, The Olinger Group can determine the best way to reach your research objectives.


The Olinger Group has performed several research studies that track the behavior of both business and leisure travelers relating to amenities and destination choices.  In addition, we are able to track the differences between preferences of high-end, resort, and family travelers.

meeting planning

Through our exclusive meeting planner panel, we are able to answer questions from the perspective of this hard-to-reach audience. Our panel of professional meeting planners from across the country can provide guidance on how to understand meeting planners’ needs, track meeting planning patterns, and make a facility stand out from the competition.

Insights obtained through our meeting planner panel helped one major hotel brand optimize a property in a highly competitive convention and meeting space market. By reconfiguring meeting space to take better advantage of the hotel’s location and market opportunities, the property was able to substantially increase revenue and bookings.

hotel amenities

Identifying which amenities matter most to travelers and meeting planners, paired with pricing optimization for attracting their target customers, helped one of America’s largest resort-hotels. Before making a major investment in hotel amenities, guidance from research helped them to know which amenities were valued most by potential guests.  Through our insights, the property was able to save millions of dollars when data showed a strong preference from respondents for some amenities and a lack of interest for others that were thought to be very important before the research.

major clients/projects in this industry

Gaylord Entertainment, Boyd Gaming Corporation, Harrah’s, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Mandalay Resort Group, Four Seasons, Marriott, and Starwood.

types of studies typically conducted

Optimization of Services/Offerings/Pricing, Location Feasibility, Target Market and Market Size,  Awareness/Image/Usage, Advertising Effectiveness, Brand Perception, Business and Leisure Travel, Tourism Research, Property Intercepts, Satisfaction, Loyalty Program Research, Employee Research, Focus Groups, and In-depth Interviews