Doing research with businesses in the healthcare industry requires that data be handled with great care. This is especially true because of the compliance requirements surrounding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We recognize the complexities involved with conducting healthcare research, and that is why The Olinger Group has a dedicated research team for the healthcare industry. Additionally, we are audited annually for HIPAA compliance and are in the process of receiving ISO 20252 Certification. Both require external auditors coming on-site, reviewing our quality processes, training practices, and finding evidence of compliance with our quality manuals.

Patient Studies

Patient studies require specialized processes and extreme sensitivity. Some patient studies involve surveying people dealing with difficult medical conditions. Market research allows these patients an outlet to share their unique perspective. Following patients through tracking studies tells a story about their care, their health management plans, their medication usage, and their satisfaction levels over time. When appropriate, a “snapshot” at different intervals can also serve as a baseline by which to compare future studies. We have extensive experience managing large-scale, long-term patient satisfaction surveys for major healthcare providers, including strict SF-12 standardized surveys.

Healthcare Professionals

Obtaining quality research insights from healthcare professionals can be challenging. Nursing staff, administrators, and physicians often require multiple approaches for engagement. Some methods that have proven successful are the use of specialty panels, telephone or mail recruiting-to-web surveys, and fax surveys to optical character recognition (OCR) through a paperless fax data system. Some of our clients have found it beneficial to allow interviewers or moderators to go on-site and conduct in-person interviews. This can be accomplished either as a moderated qualitative study or through use of a quantitative online study programmed onto a tablet device, such as an iPad.

Awareness, Image, & Usage (AIU) Studies

AIU studies are often used to understand how a brand or organization is perceived or is being used.  For many brands and organizations, AIU studies are an integral part of strategic planning and communications evaluations. They can also provide insights on positioning and market share as well. The Olinger Group has conducted AIU studies with organizations across the country tackling questions about a brand or organization’s image in the market. Using AIU studies on a regular basis has helped many of our clients to capture a baseline of brand perception, gauge progress and positioning over time, and test the effectiveness of their strategies.

Our HIPAA-Compliant Research Process

Major Clients in this Industry

Alere Medical, CVS Caremark, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, AHIMA, Hospitals International, Partners for Healthy Babies, University of Maryland Medical Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Ochsner Health System, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Fitlinxx, Touro Infirmary Hospital, and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Awareness, Image, & Usage, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Tracking, Condition-Specific Research, Brand Perception/Brand Loyalty, Advertising/Campaign Awareness and Effectiveness, Services/Offerings Optimization, Concept Testing, Physicians/Nurses/Administration Studies, Services/Offerings Feasibility, Target Market and Market Size, On-site Intercepts, Focus Groups, and In-depth Interviews.

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