Entertainment and Gaming

While they have their own unique set of challenges, studies in the dining, entertainment, and gaming industries present important opportunities. They offer the chance to capture, understand, and improve upon the customer experience.


Why are live shows, special events, and motion picture viewings an excellent opportunity for research? A captive audience. Interviewing pre- and post-events, allows for interesting comparisons into anticipated satisfaction with the experience versus what actually occurred. Will they recommend it? Will they return? These are the types of questions typically answered from research conducted at entertainment events and venues. Additionally, gauging interest in a particular type of show or entertainment experience can assist with advertising and marketing campaigns.

The Olinger Group has conducted projects on optimizing or adding a new entertainment venues (amusement park, attraction, etc.) prior to implementation or construction, saving clients valuable time and money.


Working with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, The Olinger Group has helped these companies pinpoint customer preferences and behavior. From VIP player studies to “deep dives” into property-specific issues, we can design a custom approach using in-house industry experts. Customer loyalty and reward card usage research is also a specialty of The Olinger Group.

Themed Properties

The Olinger Group partnered with a well-known hotel and entertainment company while they were in the process of remodeling several properties and restaurant concepts. In addition to interviewing customers about their preferences, a community/market study was conducted to find out what would be attractive to potential customers.   Another client was in the process of changing multiple restaurant concepts and menus.   After testing the proposed changes and satisfaction levels, this client determined that the concepts and menus were not the issue.   It was the need for improved quality controls.   After implementing changes, visitation greatly improved.

Major Clients/Projects in this Industry

Disney Radio, Harrah’s (now Caesar’s), Boyd Entertainment, Gaylord Entertainment, Nintendo, Mandalay Resort Group, Robinson Film Center, National Flight Academy, Desert Discovery Center, St. Louis Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Storyland, Essence Fest, Vans Warped Tour, Hospitality Enterprises

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Customer Satisfaction, Purchasing/Shopping Behavioral Studies, Promotional Events/Products Testing, Menu Testing, Brand Perception/Brand Loyalty, Advertising/Campaign Awareness/Recall and Effectiveness, Services/Offerings Optimization, Concept Testing, New Product Testing, Services/Offerings Feasibility, Market Studies (Target Market/Market Size), On-site Interviews/Intercepts, VIP/Loyalty Research, Mystery Shopping Focus Groups, Multicultural Research, In-depth Interviews.