Consumer Research

Consumers are empowered more than ever to share their opinions, behavior, and levels of satisfaction.

Because of this, capturing consumer insights is no longer limited to traditional survey methods.  Studies can be tailored to reach the consumer via mobile research, intercepting, a shop-along, or video diary.  These methods can add color to the research results and help to gather answers to key questions, such as:

  • Why do consumers make the purchases that they make?
  • What factors influence consumers?
  • What changes are affecting the consumer environment and market?

Product Development/Testing/Optimization

The Olinger Group has consulted with well-known retail companies and consumer brands to gauge consumer interest in products, identify demand for new services, compare services and offerings to competitors, and measure customer satisfaction. Our added ability to do advanced analytical exercises means we can provide simulations/models on how to achieve maximum interest by optimizing offerings. Optimizing pricing and features for consumer products, a physical retail location, and service offerings can be accomplished through advanced analytics.

In-Store Research

In-store research, such as a shop-along, mobile survey, or intercept, can be utilized to obtain information and insights related to a product, concept, or marketing initiative.  The advantage of being in-store is not only having an assortment of qualified customers from which to interview, but the ability to capture feedback during or immediately following the desired behavior for study.  Common themes for research performed in-store include:

  • Ideation & Opportunity
  • Concept Development
  • Consumer Behavior

Hard-to-Reach Consumers

At times, finding the desired consumer is difficult.  Sometimes it is remedied by identifying a specialty panel for the targeted group.  Where panel is not available, it may be necessary to recruit and build a proprietary panel (using traditional panel, phone-to-web recruiting, social media, in-person intercepts, and face-to-face recruiting).

Major Clients in this Industry

Energizer, Nintendo, Nestle, General Growth Properties (Retail/Malls), McDonalds, Nestle, Denny’s, Kohl’s, Simon Properties (Retail/Malls), Family Dollar, Casa Di Bertacchi, Vista Products

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Voice of the Customer, Purchasing/Shopping Behavioral Studies, Promotional Events/Products Testing, Brand Perception/Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Advertising/Campaign Awareness, Recall, and Effectiveness, Services/Offerings Optimization, Concept Testing, New Product Testing, Services/Offerings Feasibility, Market Studies (Target Market/Market Size), On-site Interviews/Intercepts, Mystery Shopping Focus Groups, Multicultural Research, In-depth Interviews.