Association and Non-Profit

Keeping a finger on the pulse of your members keeps your organization current and relevant.  Conducting market research can allow associations and other organizations to understand what members are thinking and doing.

Customer Feedback

Even though many of the organizations that we work with are not-for-profit entities, they still want and need to know about the orientations and behaviors of their members/customers.  The Olinger Group has assisted organizations in determining what members/customers think about their missions and goals, as well as the services and products they offer.  We can custom-design a study that utilizes online, mail, telephone, and in-person surveys that assess your services and products.

Campaign Awareness

The Olinger Group has participated in testing of advertising campaigns for major non-profit organizations.  The results from these types of research projects can guide future advertising and informative materials and provide organizations a solid understanding of how they are perceived in the marketplace and among members and non-members.

Services and Offerings

Many non-profits and associations look to market research for help in understanding what offerings and services matter most to members/customers, how these are being utilized, and their perceived value.  Identifying what will entice people to join an association, use a non-profit, or determine what is attractive to current members/users can be used to address attrition, retention and growth strategies.

Major Clients in this Industry

United Way, Goodwill, National Association of Realtors, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Society of Petroleum Engineers, Craft and Hobby Association

Types of Studies Typically Conducted

Member Needs Assessment, Advertising/Campaign Awareness and Effectiveness, Services/Offerings Optimization, Services/Offerings Feasibility, Target User/Market, Market Size,  Engagement/Usage, Tradeshow Intercepts, Post-Tradeshow Research, Focus Groups, and In-depth Interviews