Anyone who’s ever worked in market research knows that it’s a vital tool for understanding what consumers want and need. But how do you actually go about conducting market research with consumers? If you’re working with luxury brands, it’s important to be able to target the right consumers and get insights from them that will be useful for your brand. There are a few different ways to do this. One way is to use focus groups. You can bring together a group of potential customers and/or current customers and ask them questions about your brand, what they think of it, and what they would like to see from it. Another way to conduct market research is to survey them to gather insights on how to best attract and retain them. The key in all of these efforts is getting qualified consumers in the study. This is done by using screening questions in the survey and recruiting process. Only those that qualify for the study end up participating and sharing feedback on the topic. Whatever method is choosen, market research is an essential part of understanding what luxury consumers want and need.