Specialty Camp Testing

Educational Specialty Camp Tests Concepts, Pricing, and Feel

The client was developing a state-of-the-art, residential camp for teenagers using cutting-edge science, technology, and education.  Research was requested to discover what motivated camp decisions for both parents and campers and to test the specialty camp concept.

Objective: Determine drivers for camp selection by teenagers and parents.  Measure overall interest in the program and identify potential concerns, develop curriculum, test specific features, and create a demographic profile of potential specialty campers.

Methodology: The Olinger Group conducted focus groups with parents and teenagers who had attended sleep-away camp.  Using this initial investigation, an online survey was developed with multi-media displays to test the specialty camp concept and specifications.

Results: The focus groups demonstrated interest in the camp and uncovered concepts that the client had not previously considered.  These concepts were incorporated into the online survey for further testing.  This research results provided optimal pricing guidelines for the client.  TOG discovered camp features parents expect and those  for which they are willing to pay a premium.