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Non-profit Measures Current Image, Awareness, and Usage Through Mixed Methodology

A well-known charitable organization wanted to measure its presence in the community, and better understand its supporters.  In the past, the client had conducted surveys by telephone and was hesitant to switch to online data collection.

Objective: Measure the organization’s awareness, image, and usage, and develop consumer and supporter profiles in order to better serve the public.

Methodology: The Olinger Group conducted the survey through a mixed methodology.  The sample was split into two groups; half by telephone and half online.  The survey questions were very similar with only minor changes to account for the different methodologies.

Results: Telephone and online surveys produced no significant difference in results.  With the more cost effective online methodology, TOG was able to reach a more diverse subset of the population.  This study demonstrated that switching methodologies does not affect comparability of repeated studies.