Health Care Website Development

What is wanted on a women’s health site?

A leading hospital in gynecologic oncology planned to develop a consumer-centric ovarian cancer website.  The hospital sought to research its target audience in order to focus the website on their needs and concerns.

Objective: Provide direction for the ovarian cancer website through research with at-risk and affected women as well as close friends and family.

Methodology: The Olinger Group conducted focus groups with target subjects to gain baseline understanding of what they want in an ovarian cancer website and how they would use it.  In order to reach a greater number of women and gain external validity,the focus groups were followed with an online survey.

Results: The Olinger Gorup discovered that the website should reflect women’s changing needs based on their stage of diagnosis.  Each woman wants to feel that the website is customized to her by being able to quickly and easily access relevant information.  We recommended specific features for the website design to optimize user experience for the target population.