The Challenge

A well-known healthcare solutions company sought to better understand the needs of patients with Type 2 diabetes and to explore the market potential of product and service concepts customized for these patients.

Management needed to:

Assess the level of interest diabetic patients have in diabetic health coaching.

Explore the unique needs and interests of several patient segments, such as those taking oral medications, those being treating with injections, newly diagnosed patients, and patients who have lived with diabetes for longer periods of time.

The Findings

The research identified the following needs:

A consistent need for health coaching among patients with Type 2 Diabetes, which included help with staying positive and motivated to maintain good diet and exercise habits.

Education to help patients better recognize the warning signs of serious diabetes-related health issues.

Being aware of treatment options, identifying the right diet and exercise plan, and gauging the impact of physical activity on blood glucose levels.

Knowing whether to trust medical information about diabetes.

Understanding their healthcare insurance coverage.

The Solution

The Olinger Group designed a custom quantitative survey to identify the most important healthcare needs of diabetic patients and determine the extent to which they were being met.

The Outcome

Based on these findings, the company was able to optimize the features and benefits being offered.  The program was re-developed to be more customized to help patients manage medication, diet effectively, and maintain positive behaviors while living with diabetes.

Adoption of the new program structure produced a boost in measurable wellness behaviors among healthcare consumers, including an increase in wellness visits driven by the new rewards program.

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