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What does Project Management mean for your projects?

The Olinger Group believes that having a separate project management department allows our researchers to focus on what they do best – research. Our project managers are able to work on projects as a whole and become the facilitators and internal advocates for our clients, giving the projects a voice. Not only are our Project Managers responsible for aligning timelines, resources, and budgets, they are often uncovering creative ways to approach the day-to-day issues that may arise.

The 30 minute rule

We have a 30 minute rule for returning a call or e-mail during normal business hours. Even if it is just to say we are researching an answer and to provide an estimated time for the full answer. We value responsiveness and the 30 minute rule supports our commitment to this value.


Our project managers are experienced across multiple methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. In order to continually build on their knowledge of the research process, they receive regular internal training sessions and external continuing education through organizations such as CASRO and MRA.

Our project managers created many of the best practices within our organization. These standards and processes are now part of our internal Quality Manual allowing us to apply for ISO 20252 certification, for which we are currently in the process of receiving.

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