Sometimes projects require a traditional approach. However, there are times when a traditional approach can stagnate and become unproductive. That is when we have to find methods that are most appropriate for the research.

Here are some examples of how we have been challenged to find new, innovative ways to conduct market research:

Mobile/tablet technology – First to do it!

One project required in-person surveying at 134 mall locations across the U.S. with quick reporting turnarounds. Traditional paper and pencil would not work because it would leave us with a longer timeline for data entry/data processing and data quality would have been poor. Instead, we worked with Apple to procure iPads for doing the research. On the very first day the iPads were released, The Olinger Group (after receiving 300 iPads directly from China) deployed teams to the mall sites. Over a period of six weeks (of weekend interviewing), over 50,000 surveys were collected and reliable data gathered for the client. This was a huge leap forward for in-person interviewing that had previously been on the decline.

Closed-loop mail technology – Not typical for a market research firm.

When approached by a long-time client to find a way to print surveys that have protected health information (PHI) in a more HIPAA compliant manner, we quickly discovered that there were not many outside options. We decided to do the entire process in-house. In order to speed up processing time and incorporate stricter HIPAA compliance, a close-looped mail processing system was designed strictly by us for in-house use. Not only can the technology push a customized, traceable survey through from printing to stuffing/sealing of the envelope, it does this without showing any PHI to the machine operators. This break-through technology has since been used for many of our financial and healthcare clients.

The Know and Trust Network – We want to know who is working for us.

We have, in the past, used interviewers from other vendors or temp agencies. What we found is that our projects did not receive the attention to detail and accountability they deserve. We decided to change our approach for outsourcing and build our own proprietary network. It is called the Know and Trust network because it is built on relationships and the level of accountability that goes along with having a personal relationship connected to our company. We make sure to treat our network with kid gloves, providing them with the appropriate tools and training. We expect a strong performance from them in return, and they are rated on each project they perform.

We do not outsource our network to other vendors to ensure your project is handled with the attention to detail that it deserves.

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