Our approach

Our objective is to provide actionable results to business decision-makers by “telling the story” with the data and thereby giving confidence to decision-makers that they are making decisions based on the reality of the situation. The Olinger Group’s analytics team draws on the full range of analytic methods, both basic and advanced analytic techniques. We provide a tailored research design and report accurate and easily understood results, including tactical recommendations.

Types of analysis

Data Basics

At its most basic, data analysis provides a description of a given group of people in terms of a set of characteristics which are of interest.  With proper sampling, the description that we get from sample data can be used to describe a population of interest within some specified range-of-error.  Much information is to be gained from examining data summarized using basic techniques.

Driver Analysis

One of the most important questions that needs to be answered is the “why” question.  Why are my customers satisfied (or dissatisfied)?  Why do customers seem to prefer my competitor’s products?  Why is it difficult to keep my employees from leaving?

The Olinger Group makes use of a variety of analytic tools in order to find accurate and actionable answers to your many “why” questions.   Methods in our driver analysis tool box include:

Product Design

There is an open position in the marketplace, and your company aims to fill it.  Creativity is in overdrive as designs are perfected to produce a product to meet the needs of consumers.  Just one problem – is the perception of the perfect product the same as that of the consumer?  Are the product’s features ones that the consumer really wants or values?  What happens when/if competitors respond to your innovations?

Here are some ideal tools to uncover these questions.


Where do you stand relative to your competitors in the marketplace?  What holes in the market need to be filled?  What needs of your customers are not being met? Positioning in the market is critically important, and successful positioning is not possible without information. Here are some possible ways to identify market position and understand where opportunities and threats exist.


Wouldn’t life be easy if everyone was just alike?  One size fits all messaging and marketing strategies would actually work, and everyone would appreciate a product or service for just the same reasons.  This is not the case, however, and often it is necessary to identify the different groups that make up your customer base, how to reach them, and what to say to them.  This is when a segmentation study is needed and the following analysis used.

Analytics Videos

Jude Explains Advanced Analytics