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Have avatars found a place in the business world? Second Life Work has been quietly making a name for itself as “The Leader in Virtual Collaboration.”

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Mudbug Madness!

May 03, 2012

It is officially that time of year again…the much-anticipated, never-duplicated crawfish season! Learn more about this classic New Orleans tradition.

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Most of the time respondents have no problem completing a survey and giving their honest opinions, but on occasion there are studies that make respondents uncomfortable, possibly unwilling to participate.  So what happens when research strikes a nerve?

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The Olinger Group was honored to be ranked #9 on the LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses during the 2012 LSU 100 Honoree Luncheon.

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A recent articial in The Atlantic discusses the challenges of using education data to improve student achievement.  The article highlighted fundamental issues facing any tracking research – the ability to compare data, in this case, across systems and geographic boundaries as well as across time.

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Hundreds of thousands of fans can give researchers great insights.

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Hidden charges, nickel and diming, small print disclaimers…we all hate these!  So why are so many companies still doing them?

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As Americans start making Thanksgiving grocery lists, most of us assume those lists will have nearly identical ingredients for celebrations from Seattle to Key West.  However, a recent USA Today article reminds us that even though the image of a roasted turkey surrounded by family-style side dishes may be the stereotypical view of Thanksgiving, it is not necessarily a true representative of what Americans will be eating on November 24th.

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