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Large retailers offer locations from coast to coast, and, though differences exist, a customer in San Diego is generally going to find that Retailer A has the same look, feel, and product assortment that a customer in New Orleans finds at his/her local Retailer A location.  But, do these two customers shop the same way?  […]

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The Polls Were Wrong?

March 20, 2017

The 2016 Presidential Election was a shocker in many ways, and it has generated many bits of conventional wisdom which have been largely accepted in the mainstream culture.  One of these is the “fact” that the polls had it wrong.  After all, the polls all predicted a Hillary presidency, and, instead, we got the Donald.  […]

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Dr. Dennis Gleiber explains how limits can impact satisfaction scores Everyone wants to get high scores.  We learned this all through life, for example in school and from sports.  We go on and generalize this orientation to most everything else in life including business.  High scores are GOOD!  Of course high scores or high values […]

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October 11, 2012

Communication in corporate America seems to have been reduced to a computer screen.  With email being so convenient, in-person communication has become underutilized and undervalued.  What can be gained by taking the time and effort to meet customers and clients face-to-face?

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Great New York Times article on our friend, Kevin Langley, discussing the importance of entrepreneurs, not only here in New Orleans, but worldwide. Give it a read!  

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The Olinger Group collaborated with the Gulfcoast Regional Tourism Partnership earlier this summer to understand the impact of the Bay Bridgefest to the Bay St. Louis area. The findings revealed generous support of the festival and thus proved the benefits such events bring to the economy here in the South. Mississippi Gulf Coast Bay Bridgefest […]

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LSU Reunion!

August 15, 2012

LSU Entrepreneurship professor, Dr. Justis with CEO Jude Olinger. Jude was one of Dr. Justis’ students 24 years ago and he had the privilege of guest speaking last week. Geaux Tigers!

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Bridging the gap between fashion-focused consumers and much needed research within the fashion industry. Could Stylitics be the next big thing, or is it just another passing trend?

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